Happy Birthday to My Mom

Children with active, involved parents have higher self-esteem, higher IQs, larger vocabularies, and generally attain higher levels of education, among many other different things.  Unfortunately, this is generally not the norm with the families early childhood home visitors work with on a daily basis.  While it is our goal to promote social skills and school readiness skills with young children, more often than not we are working with families and children greatly impacted by ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

I did not choose my mother and she did not choose me.  It was God’s choice.  I am very fortunate to have not experienced any ACEs.  I was read to.  I was taken to parks to play.  I was encouraged to play musical instruments and participate in church youth groups.  Education was a priority.  While I may not have always met my mother’s expectations, the opportunities were offered to me.

So, thank you, Mommy, for putting up with me, pushing me, believing in me, and – no matter what – loving me.

Happy Birthday!


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