It’s State Fair Time!

The New Mexico State Fair started this week.  The smell of roasting chile is in the air, along with roasted corn, funnel cakes, and even fried Twinkies.  There is music, laughter, screams from the rides, and various sounds from the animals.

For those teachers fortunate enough to be near a state fair, this is the perfect opportunity to teach their students about the farm to table concept.  Many young children do not understand that milk comes from a cow or goat; wool, or cloth, comes from a sheep; and chicken nuggets come from a chicken.  Petting zoos and milking demonstrations are wonderful opportunities for children to learn about different animals and how they can help us. Deer at Petting Zoo.jpg

Especially for children growing up in cities, this may be the first, and only, opportunity to touch pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, and even a deer (as seen in this picture).  This was the first time I’d seen a fawn in a petting zoo!

Our state fair has a special area and days designated for school field trips.  Ronald McDonald’s Barn has a petting zoo and even pony rides. mcdonalds-barn


Be sure and bring water bottles for the kids and at least one adult for every 2 children.  This is one field trip that you will have no difficulty in getting parents to volunteer!  Preparing for the state fair provides so many opportunities for learning, from animals, to counting down the days, to even submitting art projects for the grade-level competitions.

Have a wonderful time at your state fair!

~Emily Aragon

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