Conversations With My Dog by Zig Ziglar

Conversations With My Dog

By Zig Ziglar

This short book is a quick read that will make a lasting impact on how you relate to people – and dogs.  Full of wisdom, ethics, and good morals, this book discusses serious topics, with a dog, on a level that everyone can understand.  Marriage, discrimination, discipline, Conversations With My Dog.jpgand jealousy are only a few of the deep topics discussed.  Also explained are the importance of relationships and how to find happiness, as well as the deep bond between dog owners and their dogs.

I always thought I treated my dogs well and understood them.  I don’t know how Zig Ziglar got so deeply into his dog’s mind, but I am now looking at my dogs differently!

You’ll enjoy this one!

~Emily Aragon

Ziglar, Z. (2005).  Conversations with my dog.  Nashville, TN:  Broadman & Holman Publishers.


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