Working in Western New Mexico

Today I started in Albuquerque and traveled to Grants, NM and then to Farmington.  I took a slightly different route this time after leaving Grants.  Instead of going through Thoreau to Crownpoint, this time I went through San Mateo to Crownpoint.  This route led to astounding views and fun-to-drive twists and turns.  Unfortunately I need a better camera to really capture all the layers and depths of the mesas and rock formations.  Perhaps next time!  Most of this land is part of the Navajo Nation.  I saw fat cattle and horses, sheep, and traditional and modern hogans.  This route took me near Chaco Canyon and through part of the Bisti Badlands.  I’ll go back one day when I’m not on work time.  Here are some of the pictures I was able to take this time:

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