Flowers For My Grandmothers

I am fortunate that I still have both of my Grandmothers.  I live across the US from them, but am always thinking of them.  One modeled cooking and canning, painting and puzzles, and patience.  The other modeled strong work ethics, planning, determination, and success juggling home and career.  Elisa Pulliam (2016) stated that “the truth is we all have something of value that’s worth imparting on someone else, regardless of age” (p. 61).  Both of them have always loved flowers and had both flower and vegetable gardens.  Over the past few weeks I’ve travelled throughout the state of New Mexico for work.  I’ve been collecting flower pictures for them…



Pulliam, E. (2016).  Impact together.  Biblical mentoring simplified.  Elisa Pulliam and Authentic Life LLC.



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