Greater Than Yourself by Steve Farber

Greater Than Yourself


More than a leadership style, I would consider the Greater Than Yourself approach a personal philosophy or a way of life.  Farber’s Greater Than Yourself (GTY) approach to leadership stresses ethical behavior, instilling a strong sense of trust, and caring for your own soul and others (Farber, 2009).  This is an inspiring book about leadership based upon humility.  But Farber’s leadership approach is more than mentoring, it is more like volunteering yourself to support and better others.  It is about using your skills to guide others to be better than you ever were.

Making and sharing personal and professional connections is a resource that Farber (2009) suggested be shared.  He also offered advice about sharing your skills and knowledge.  He stated that “the real payoff comes in the giving of knowledge, not the keeping of it.  If I’m going to make you greater, I have to give freely of not only my knowledge, but all my resources:  my connections and network, my experience, my insights, my advice and counsel-even my time” (Farber, 2009, p. 21).  What remarkable words to live by!

Benefiting from giving is also explained by Farber (2009) who stated that “the giving of knowledge and wisdom and experience and resources is far more powerful because it enriches both of us” (p. 21).  This is not a reason to share personal resources, but instead, should be given freely.  This leadership book is written like a story and is a very easy and enjoyable read.  I couldn’t put it down.


Farber, S. (2009).  Greater than yourself.  The ultimate lesson of true leadership.  New York, NY:  Doubleday.

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